The Complete TY-BBI Sem 6 Study Guides, Strategies, Exam Resources, 1 Day Before Exam Important Question Banks You Shouldn’t Miss!

         presents you a range of study resources designed to help you get prepared and allow you to make most of your SEM 6 EXAM studies. The below resources should be used only for reference / revision purpose. Seating Arrangement and Revaluation Results: TY B.Com (Banking […]

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Academic Excellence Awards 2015 On 28th, 29th and 30th April 2015 is hosting mega felicitation ceremony for toppers of all the 100 colleges that conduct the BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI, BFM programmes. This kind of a mass felicitation of the toppers of the BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI, BFM fraternity has never been held in the 15 year history of the courses. No other organization […]

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Simple And Awesome Study Guide To Understand Turnaround Management Easily

  What is Turnaround Management?   A turnaround manager in very simple language is like a doctor! And how is that you ask? When you feel sick, your body doesn’t function properly and you feel uneasy and in pain; the doctor you consult helps you understand why you feel sick, he tells you which food […]

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Best Study Guide To Help You Study Strategic Management With Ease!

    What is Strategic Management? A ‘strategy’ in simple terms is a plan of action, whereby goals are created and plans aligned in order to meet them. Every organization needs a strategy to ensure that the goals they have set for themselves are achieved without any glitches or delays. The banking and insurance sector […]

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The most Interesting Study Guide to Help You Crack International Business Exam with Ease!

What is International Business and why do I have to study it? As students of BBI you all must be aware of the world’s largest bank, while writing this article it was the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China with $3.062 trillion in assets. So today I give you a placement, post your BBI graduation with […]

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Your Super Awesome Study Guide for Human Resource Management (Banking and Insurance)

    What is Human Resource Management All About?   HRM or Human Resource Management deals with management of the human resources of a company. The Human Resources or employees are the most important assets of any company and in order to look after them the HR department is formed. The HR department unlike popular […]

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Your Totally Amazing Study Guide for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance!

  What is this Subject all about?   Ethics are your personal concept of right and wrong and no one but you can determine whether you choose to be ethical or not. These ethics are not legal acts or laws propagated by the judicial systems of a country but are simple concepts of what your […]

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The Kickass Study Guide For Central Banking!

  What are Central banks?     As students of Banking and Insurance one of the most important pillars of your education in this specialization would be Central Banking. In simple terms you can term a central bank as the ‘baap’ of all banks within a country; so to say it is the bank that […]

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NMTV News – Television Partner of Academic Excellence Awards 2015

LOCAL TELEVISION DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS ! MUMBAI’S 24 HOURS NEWS CHANNEL ON THE WEB STATION HISTORY NMTV is Navi Mumbai Television’s 24-hour News Channel. The idea of NMTV was born in the summer of June 2000, when Dr. RaviSubbaiah – the Editor-in-Chief (and the first reporter of a local news station to become a government accredited […]

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Academic Excellence Awards 2015 Powered By DNA

Launched on July 30, 2005, in Mumbai, dna is an English broadsheet daily owned by Diligent Media Corporation, an Essel Group company. Within a short span of seven years, dna has fast entrenched itself into the lives of the young and dynamic readers in India’s financial capital of Mumbai, in the IT Capital Bangalore, and […]

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WHAT IS SAVEPOCKETMONEY.COM? is a Youth Marketing website. Save Pocket Money (SPM) is a complete one stop dream destination for the best of student deals, fabulous offers & great jobs. This website is a perfect platform for brands, retailers and diverse advertisers to reach, impress and wow the student community. We know more about […]

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Mumbai Matters News – Print And Social Media Partner

Mumbai Matters, Mumbai’s Youngest Tabloid Newspaper is an initiative by a group of young and veteran journalists/editors Mumbai Matters News is founded by young & dynamic Journalist Mr. Sajid Patel, who holds a degree of BMM of SVKM’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College Of Management. Sajid has worked with brands like ZoOm Tv as a Bollywood […]

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Everything you need to know about ‘’ our Amazing Media Partner! – The only portal in India built to publicize, promote and help make the events reach the correct audience which they are meant for. We focus not on just campus festivals but all types of events happening throughout India. Our ideology and purpose is to spread information about all events for free. As a […]

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What is Stock Option?

STOCK OPTION: Stock options are options on individual stocks. A contract gives the holder the right to buy or sell shares at the specified price.  

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What is Buyer of an Option?

BUYER OF AN OPTION: The buyer of an option is the one who by paying the option premium buys the right but not the obligation to exercise the options on the seller/writer.  

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What is ‘Writer of an Option’?

WRITER OF AN OPTION: The writer of a call/put option is the one who receives the option premium and is thereby obliged to sell/buy the asset if the buyer exercised on him.

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What is Strike Price?

STRIKE PRICE: The price specified in the option contract is known as the strike price or the exercise price.

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What is ‘In The Money’ Option?

‘IN THE MONEY’ OPTION: An ‘in the money’ option is an option that would lead to a positive cash flow to the holder if it was exercised immediately. A call option on the index is said to be in-the-money (ITM) when the current index stands at a level higher than the strike price (i.e. spot […]

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