Are Good Leaders In India Required Or Not?

Any kind of resource, be it human or natural is useless without proper implementation. Power is essential but without the skills to escort that power in a proper direction we are nowhere. Somebody is required, Someone who directs us!! Someone that we can count on!! Someone who leads us!! Someone who is our leader.











Today in the 21st century, we have abundance of resources. As our population has increased so has the level of skill and talent, to steer their flair’s we need people who are capable of utilizing such aptitude. Challenges we face today are compact as there is a massive change in the society as it used to be before.

“Farmers still suicide, for a moment we all cried

But the Girls are still raped, even when society is now shaped

Students are bullied in school, to fight there aint no tool

Drugs are circulated, a girls birth is still hated

Account got hacked, all their money is gone

Grandparents thrown out of home, they are all alone”

India has 29 states and 7 union territories, each state with its own language, background and beliefs. People in our country are from different castes & creed, unity in such diversity was achieved by the leaders of our previous generations. Even today’s generation faces challenges that are a great threat to our nation, and to overcome those challenges we need leaders that can steer our forces.






















Development in various sectors of the society has improved our lifestyle and made life much easier, yet some people are stuck to criminal activities and have now advanced their way of committing crime and spreading terror.
































These threats can only be tackled if we have people who direct our forces to protecting our future as well creating a better present for everyone. Leaders are needed to unite and direct our people on the right way to fighting the immoral and corrupt sectors of our society. We need to keep our morals preserved and protect those who are important to us. As humans we doubt ourselves and that’s when we need someone to believe in, someone who motivates us and that’s what a leader does.


“Thanks If you read my whole article you are a good reader,

And contributing to my topic know that I was encouraged in writing by none but a leader.”




–Mehul Solanki







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