Auditing – TYBBI Syllabus

Auditing – TYBBI Syllabus

Auditing – Syllabus Overview

  1. Introduction to different types of audits including higher forms of audits, viz Internal audit, external (statutory) audit, financial statement audit, cost audit, due diligence audit. Management audit, proprietary audit, environment audit social audit and auditing in a computerized environment.
  2. Financial statement audit of corporate bank and insurance companies, including therein the planning of audit, the execution of audit and the reporting of audit results- clear, qualified reports and disclaimer of opinion
  3. Study of auditing standards prescribed by the institute of chartered accounts of India.
  4. Study of qualifications, observation and remarks in auditor’s reports of listed companies, banks and insurance companies.
  5. Role of regulatory authorities like department of company affairs, SEBI, RBI, IRDA and comptroller & Auditor general of India
  6. Study of portfolio of an auditor- independence, professionalism, professional competencies. Responsibilities, rights, duties, and liabilities of an auditor.
  7. Role of ethics and regulation in auditing professions relating to appointment removal and misconduct.
  8. Role of auditor vis-à-vis audit committees and corporate governance principles.


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