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We are providing Professional and Knowledge based Coaching for BMS/ B & I /A & F since 2009 and CFA /CFP/ MBA/MS-Finance Since 2006. in Dombivili. (E). we guided more than 750 Professional and 150 Self-Financing Students by Corporate Grooming and soft skills development.
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FRA Test Papers

FRA Test 1 Note: Question no: 1 is compulsory & attempt any three from remaining Q1)Based on the following information, prepare Balance Sheet of Dhoni Ltd. As on 31st March, 2006. Explain your working and assumptions:   (15) Current Ratio 2.5 Liquidity Ratio 1.5 Net Working Capital Rs 8,00,000 Stock turnover Ratio 5 Turnover Ratio to […]

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SAPM Imp questions papers set

Q1)  (A) Choose the right answer with reasons 10 Marks A portfolio manager by evaluating his own performance can identify sources of _______________ Risk or return Strength or Weakness Beta or Standard Deviation Buying or selling shares Portfolio performance is evaluated over a __________ Period Year Time-interval A month Sharp measure of Portfolio evaluation uses […]

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International Banking and Finance ( IBF ) QUESTION BANK for TYBBI SEM 5 – 2013 Chapter 1 Long Questions Discuss the fixed exchange rate system. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed exchange rate system? Discuss in detail balance of payment theory. What are the components of Current and Capital accounts in BOP? Short […]

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Financial Services Management ( FSM ) Question bank – TYBBI SEM 5 2013

Financial Services Management ( FSM ) Question bank – TYBBI SEM 5 2013  Subject : Financial Services Management Chapter 1- Introduction of Financial Services Q1) Write Short Notes on: Future of Indian financial services industry. Global Slowdown of Financial Services. Q2) Answer in Brief: Discuss any four innovative financial instruments of recent times. Explain in […]

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Audit Question Bank – TYBBI SEM 5, 2013

Audit Question Bank – TYBBI SEM 5, 2013 What is statutory audit? Write difference between Internal and External Audit (statutory audit). What is environment audit? What are its objectives? Explain Cost Auditand its ojectives. What do you mean by “Due Diligence Audit” explain its need. Short notes: Proprietary Audit. Auditing in Computerised Environment. Generally accepted […]

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