Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – TYBBI Syllabus

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – TYBBI Syllabus

Modules at a Glance

SR. NO. Module
 1  Business Ethics & values
 2  Corporate Governance in Globalised economy
 3  Code of conduct in business houses
 4  Business ethics an important tool in building business reputation
 5  Corruption, frauds & scams in financial institutions
 6  M.R.T.P. Act- M.R.T.P. commission

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – Syllabus Overview

  1. Business Ethics & values– work culture-un ethical behavior in business & its reasons-fair & unfair business practices.
  2. Corporate Governance in Globalised economy-MNCs/TNCs & business Ethics-accountability of managers & directors- functioning of private & public sector cos.- Governance of private & public sector cos. Corporate governance in banking & financial institutions-good corporate governance- protection of customers & investors-customer friendly business activities.
  3. Code of conduct in business houses-fairness & justice in administration– social responsibilities of business.
  4. Business ethics an important tool in building business reputation– professional board of directors-transparency in decision-making & operations-importance of effective & efficient system of governance in globalised economy-ethics & corporate integrity, measure for improving ethical standards & morals.
  5. Corruption, frauds & scams in financial institutions– economical & social effects of corruption, frauds, scams etc.- banking operations & ethics- functioning of insurance cos. & ethics- measures to reduce corruption a) preventive measures b) curative measures- role of computerization & I.T. in detecting fraud, scams etc.- Zero Tolerance of corruption.
  6. M.R.T.P. Act- M.R.T.P. commission.


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