Foundation Course in NCC – Part I – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Foundation Course in NCC – Part I – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

Sr. No. Modules No. of Lectures
1 Introduction to NCC, National Integration & Awareness 10
2 Drill: Foot Drill 10
3 Adventure Training, Environment Awareness and Conservation 10
4 Personality Development and Leadership 10
5 Specialized Subject: Army/ Navy/ Air 05
Total 45

Foundation Course in NCC – Part I – Syllabus Overview

Sr. No. Modules / Units
1 Introduction to NCC, National Integration & Awareness
Desired outcome: The students will display sense of patriotism, secular values and shall be transformed into motivated youth who will contribute towards nation building through national unity and social cohesion.     

  • Genesis, Aims, Objectives of NCC & NCC Song
  • Organisation & Training
  • Incentives & Benefits
  • Religions, Culture, Traditions and Customs of India
  • National Integration: Importance and Necessity
  • Freedom Struggle
2 Drill: Foot Drill
Desired outcome: The students will demonstrate the sense of discipline, improve bearing, smartness, turnout, develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience of orders, with good reflexes.

  • General and Words of Command
  • Attention, Stand at Ease and Stand Easy, Turning and Inclining at the Halt
  • Sizing, Forming Up in Three Ranks and Numbering, Open and Close Order March and Dressing
  • Saluting at the Halt, Getting On Parade, Dismissing and Falling Out
  • Marching, Length of Pace and Time of Marching in Quick Time and Halt, Slow March and Halt
  • Turning on the March and Wheeling.
  • Saluting on the March.
  • Formation of squad and Squad Drill.
3 Adventure Training, Environment Awareness and Conservation
Adventure Training

Desired outcome: The students will overcome fear & inculcate within them the sense of adventure , sportsmanship , espirit-d-corp and develop confidence , courage , determination, diligence and quest for excellence.

  • Any Two such as – Obstacle course, Slithering, Trekking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Para Sailing, Sailing, Scuba Diving etc

Environment Awareness and Conservation

Desired outcome: The student will be aware of the conservation of natural resources and protection of environment.

  • Natural Resources – Conservation and Management
  • Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting
4 Personality Development and Leadership
Desired outcome: The student will develop an all-round personality with adequate leadership traits to deal / contribute effectively in life.

  • Introduction to Personality Development
  • Factors Influencing /Shaping Personality: Physical, Social, Physiological, Philosophical and Psychological
  • Self Awareness Know yourself/ Insight
  • Change Your Mind Set
  • Communication Skills: Group Discussion / Lecturettes (Public Speaking)
  • Leadership Traits
  • Types of Leadership
5 Specialized Subject: Army Or Navy Or Air

Desired outcome: The training shall instill patriotism, commitment and passion to serve the nation  motivating the youth to join the defence forces.

It will also acquaint, expose & provide basic knowledge about armed, naval and air-force subjects

  1. Armed Force
  • Basic organisation of Armed Forces
  • Organisation of Army
  • Badges and Ranks
  1. Introduction to Infantry and weapons and equipments
  • Characteristics of 7.62mm SLR Rifle, Ammunition, Fire power, Stripping, Assembling and Cleaning
  1. Military history
  • Biographies of renowned Generals (Carriapa / Sam Manekshaw)
  • Indian Army War Heroes- PVCs
  1. Communication
  • Types of Communications
  • Characteristics of Wireless Technologies (Mobile, Wi-Fi etc.)



  1. Naval orientation and service subjects
  • History of the Indian Navy-Pre and Post Independence, Gallantry award winners
  • Organization of Navy- NHQ, Commands, Fleets, Ships and shore establishments
  • Types of Warships and their role
  • Organization of Army and Air Force- Operational and Training commands
  • Ranks of Officers and Sailors, Equivalent Ranks in the Three Services
  1. Ship and Boat Modelling
  • Principles of Ship Modelling
  • Maintenance and Care of tools
  1. Search and Rescue
  • SAR Organization in the Indian ocean
  1. Swimming

Floating for three minutes and Free style swimming for 50 meters



  1. General Service Knowledge
  • Development of Aviation
  • History of IAF
  1. Principles of Flight
  • Introduction
  • Laws of Motion
  • Glossary of Terms.
  1. Airmanship
  • Introduction
  • Airfield Layout
  • Rules of the Air
  • Circuit Procedure
  • ATC/RT Procedures
  • Aviation Medicine
  1. Aero– Engines
  • Introduction to Aero-engines

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Foundation Course in NCC
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  • NCC OTA Precise, BY DG NCC, New Delhi.
  • “AVAN” Model of Disaster Mang., Vinayak Dalvie, Proceedings of Int. Conf. on Urban Plan. and Env Strat & Challenges, Elphinstone College, Jan 2007.
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  • Discovery of India, Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Health and Hygiene, Manoj. J.S., Agra University Publication
  • Yoga for Healing, Venkateswaran P.S., Bombay:- Jaico Publishing House 1989
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