Information Technology Practice Question Paper 1

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In banking and insurance, the computer applications and telecommunications are used to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. Role of IT in banking ensures privacy and confidentiality of data and implement cyber laws properly.

Here we present Information Technology Practice Question Paper 1:

Q.1) a) What are the benefits of e-banking over traditional banking? – 8 marks

b) What are the demerits of e-banking? – 7 marks

Q.2) a) Describe learning process? – 5 marks

b) How is learning classified? What are its sources? – 10 marks

Q.3) a) Give details on the following steps to build a knowledge base: 15 marks

I) knowledge acquisition

ii) knowledge representation

iii) knowledge organization

Q.4) a) What are the features of a good e-commerce website? – 7 marks

b) Name and describe any 4 CGI tools – 8 marks

Q.5) a) What is practical planning and state its important components? – 10 marks

b) Explain planning and acting – 5 marks

Q.6) a) What are the various transactions in credit card processing. – 5 marks

b) Explain in brief the steps in credit card processing. – 10 marks

Q.7) a) What are portals? Elaborate on its advantages, classification and other features? – 10 marks

b) Write a note on Vortal. – 5marks

Q.8) Elaborate the various models that classify B2B and state the major advantages and working strategy of B2B models? – 15 marks





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