Interview with Aditya Nagpure, FYBBI Student, Chandrabhan Sharma College

Interview with Aditya Nagpure, FYBBI Student, Chandrabhan Sharma College

By Janhavi Bhatkar


Name – Aditya Nagpure

College Name – Chandrabhan Sharma College

Course Name – BBI

Which year – FY


Tell us about yourself

ANS-My name is Aditya Nagpure. I am doing Banking & insurance course from chandrabhan sharma college, powai. Most probably I like to make new friends. And i love photography.


Tell us about your college

ANS-My college name is Chandrabhan Sharma College which is located in Powai, Mumbai. The faculties of my college are special for me, because I have never seen these much friendly and loving faculty in other colleges. I love the people who are in the college which are very co-operative and friendly. I don’t have any favourite faculty because all are the same as co-operative as others. Friendship day was the most memorable and happiest moment for me. I never faced any sad moment in the BBI.


When did you join BBI? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BBI and not any other course?

ANS-I joined BBI in year 2014-15. Now i am in first year. My uncle inspired me to take BBI, and not others. Don’t know why but their suggestions are always profitable for everyone, that’s why I take BBI.


According to you, what is BBI all about? As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

ANS-BBI is all about banking and insurance system of our world. I don’t think any changes would make in Indian Education System.


Who in your life has influenced the most?

ANS- My uncle who inspire me to took BBI. And my brother also influenced my life most. He is a short film maker.


What would you advice someone planning to do BBI?

ANS- I advice people to take courses as per your interest. If you are interested in Banking & insurance sector choose BBI. It is a perfect field for you.


3 Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

ANS-1-Why did you select MBA as an education?

2 Which institute is better for MBA studies?

3 Do you think, MBA in abroad is better than MBA in India?


What are your future plans? 

ANS- I have no future plans yet.


Your feedback for ?

ANS- It’s good. Every student should follow this website.






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