Interview with Atul Kumar Singh, TYBBI Sem 5 Topper 2014-15, K.C. College


















Name – Atul kumar Singh

College Name – K C College

Course Name – BBI

Rank in TY Sem V : 1st

GPA / Percentage: 79%

1) Tell us about yourself?
I was born and brought up in Mumbai. Completed Schooling from KV Hamla, Malad. I was always very keen towards the commerce stream and wanted to experience and explore the banking and insurance course because of its wide opportunities for both career and personality development.
I am Currently pursuing  Company secretary course and i have recently cleared the executive level and further planing to do LLB from Mumbai University.

2) How does it feel to be a Topper of the college in TY Sem V exams?

Feels Great !
It is the feeling one gets when hard work is paid off.
It is also a reminder to maintain quality of work and efforts to sustain these results.

3) Whom will you credit your success to?

Family is the first name that comes on my mind when giving credit to any success.
My Mom, dad and my elder brother are the ones who keeps on motivating me.
Credit Goes to many teachers and my college friends also.

4) Did you start preparing from the first day of your TY Sem V?

To be very honest i would say no one study or prepare themselves from very first day of TY. Well i Started studying just two weeks before exams and fortunately the plan worked out perfectly.

5) How did you study for Sem V?

Everyone has their own way and style to study. I would advise that you should clear your concepts in theory subjects like auditing and MBI and solve previous year question papers Problems for practical subjects like FRA and SAPM.

6) Which are the easy subjects in Sem V?

I Think for me except Fsm everything seems fine. But eventually it’s your view and perception that you consider it easy or hard.

7) Any special way of writing the answers? Do you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

Well i do write my answers in bullet points except when the question comes as short notes. Basically if you write in paras the answers will not look so effective and it might frustrate the examiner.

8) How do you crack case studies in theory and practical subjects?

For theory “Clear Your Concepts”
For practical Subjects ” Practice and solve sums as much as Possible”.
It’s clearly not ROCKET SCIENCE!

9) Did you draw any diagram in any paper? Is it mandatory? Does it help to get more marks?

Well yes i do draw diagrams in theory papers only when it is asked in the paper. I don’t think Examiner has so much time to look diagrams and stuff in every single paper!
Like i said earlier I draw diagrams only when the question demands it.

10)Any specific study pattern adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours per subject per day etc.?

Time really is a relative variable. Fixation of Targets in terms of books and chapters can help your Aim to achieve in a given span of time.

11) How do you fight against mood swings and distractions during exam preparation?

I am very sporty. Whenever I want to distract myself from studies i go and play Counter strike on my PC or go out  plug in my earphones and listen to  slow Romantic songs.

12) If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in Indian education system?

A system that leans lesser on memory capacities is what i would engineer and prefer.

13) Many students prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear that they are not from big college / not from English medium and eventually lose confidence. What message would you like to these students?

One must Have confidence as everyone has some unique quality talent that other people won’t have it is all you need to realize your strength.
Be You!

  14) Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition?

Accept the criticism and use the same as your weapon.

15) Your feedback for

Well i literally referred to before exams and downloaded Important questions of all the subjects.
Read all the toppers interview. Really Helped me a lot!







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