List of Subjects in BBI Course


List of All subjects







Semester I

1.1 Env. & Mgt of Financial services

1.2 Principles of Management

1.3 Effective Communication I

1.4 Economics (Micro)

1.5 Quantitative Methods I

1.6 Introduction to Computer System


Semester II

2.1 Principles & Practices of Banking & Ins.

2.2 Financial Accounting

2.3 Effective Communication II

2.4 Economics II (Macro)

2.5 Quantitative Methods II

2.6 Business Law








Semester III

3.1 Laws governing Banking & Insurance

3.2 Financial Management I

3.3 Mgt Accounting(Tools & Techniques)

3.4 Customer Relationship Mgt in B&I

3.5 I.T. in B&I

3.6 Organisation Behavior

3.7 Taxation of Financial Services



Semester IV

4.1 Universal Banking

4.2 Financial Management II

4.3 Innovations in Banking & Insurance

4.4 Corp.Laws & Laws governing Cap market

4.5 Entrepreneurship Management

4.6 Fin.Markets (Eq,Debt, Forex, Derivatives)

4.7 Cost Accounting of B & I







Semester V

5.1 Marketing in Banking & Insurance

5.2 Financial Services Mgt.

5.3 International Banking & Finance.

5.4 Fin Reporting & Analysis (Corp B&I)

5.5 Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgt.

5.6 Auditing

5.7 Project Banking



Semester VI

6.1 Stratagic Mgt. (B&I)

6.2 Central Banking

6.3 International Business

6.4 HR Mgt in Banking & Insurance

6.5 Business Ethics & Corp Governance

6.6 Turnaround Mgt.

6.7  Project Insurance

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    • According to me BBI is the better choice then others fact i m a banking n insurance student…n the main reason is tht private banks will be entering in future so if u take this it will benifit u..