Top 30 Things You Do Not Know About The BBI Course Of Mumbai University

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Hey guys,

Are you interested in banking? Would you love to build up your career in banking / insurance sector? Have you dreamt of being a banker or insurer in future? Do you want to play an influential role in the banking and insurance industry?

So let me tell you that in banking and insurance, there are various great opportunities that can build a rewarding career.

But would you like to first know how to build a strong base to get into this industry? Then let me present to you the 30 things you should know about the BBI course of Mumbai University:

1) The full form of the course name ‘BBI’ is Bachelors in Banking and Insurance.

2) BBI Course was started by Mumbai University in the year 2003-04.

3) BBI course is a 3-year degree that is offered by Mumbai University in more than 50 Commerce colleges in Mumbai.

4) BBI course has 6 semesters wherein each year is divided into 2 semesters.

5) BBI course’s academic year starts in June and ends in March.

6) A BBI course student studies 38 subjects and undertakes 2 main projects in the 3 years course.

7) The BBI course is introduced by Mumbai University in order to provide trained professionals in the Banking and Insurance sector.

8) BBI course aims to provide basic understanding about the functioning of banking and insurance industry to the students.

9) The BBI exam pattern is worth 100 marks. Students have to appear for 75 marks external / theoretical exams and 25 marks internal exams in all the 6 semesters.

10) The internal assessment includes presentations, class tests, attendance, projects and other activities. It may vary from college to college. The external exam can be a 2.5 hours theory / practical written examination conducted by the college at the end of each semester.

11) The admission intake capacity of majority of Mumbai colleges for this course is 60.

12) BBI course is a full-time course which involves the students to get insights about the various aspects of banking and insurance i.e. financial investments, economics, communications, legal issues etc.

13) The BBI students are expected to take correct decisions, make proper analysis of the situations given and ensure that their decisions are executed properly.

14) BBI course not only aims to provide banking and insurance knowledge but is also framed to develop the overall personality of the students so that they can face the industry challenges and build a successful career with a positive and international outlook.

15) BBI course has 60 lectures per semester and the duration of each lecture is expected to be around 40-50 minutes.

16) BBI students are expected to have 75% attendance in each semester. If they fail to attend lectures due to any reason, they will not be allowed to appear for their semester exams.

17) The BBI course content includes subjects like: Financial Services Management, International Banking and Finance, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Auditing, Central Banking, International Business, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Turnaround Management and so on.

18) During the BBI course, students do get placed in reputed national and international banks, insurance companies and financial institutions for internships and jobs. (P.S. Internships or jobs depends on the placement committee of the college / interest-level of the students to take up internships / jobs while studying)

19) BBI students also get to attend guest lectures and seminars organized by various colleges where industry experts come to interact with the students on course-related subjects and other areas of general interest for the students.

20) The BBI course fees ranges from college to college. Normally, students pay around Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 25,000 per year. And the 3 year total course fees comes to around Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 75,000/- (excluding the cost of stationary and books)

21) For any 12th standard student who wants to get admission to the BBI course, he / she has to have scored minimum 50% in their 12th class from any board / university.

22) BBI aspirants can take admission to the BBI course in June month of every year in any of the Mumbai colleges as soon as the 12th Class results are declared.

23) If a BBI student fails to attend the lectures regularly / he fails to pass the internal and external semester exams, then he gets ATKT (Allowed to Keep Terms) and has to clear the ATKT exams before he enters the final year university exams.

24) The top BBI colleges in Mumbai include: H.R. College, Hinduja, Jai Hind college, NM college,  Lala Lajpatrai college, Sydenham college and Somaiya college.

25) After completion of the BBI course, students can opt for MBA in Banking, PG programs in Banking and Insurance, M.Com in Banking and Insurance or enrol for IBPS / private bank exams and get entry level jobs in banking and insurance sector.

26) An average BBI fresher gets salary of Rs. 8,000/ to Rs. 15,000/- pm.

27) BBI graduates can also plan to take up Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS) after few years of experience in the related sector / field.

28) BBI graduates can apply for jobs in Insurance companies, private and nationalized banks, finance sector, income tax / accounts department of MNCs, part-time lectureship, BPOs and so on if they do not want to pursue masters’ programmes.

29) Reputed banks wherein BBI students can apply for jobs / internships are: SBI, Axis, Allahabad Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank and so on.

30)  The most popular BBI college festivals are: Synergy (SIES College), Kiran (KC College), Manzil (Ratnam College), Entourage (Jai Hind College) which is conducted during the months of December – February every year in Mumbai.





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