What after BBI?

What after BBI?

Students frequently ask what they should do after BBI. They should go for post graduation or they should go for work experience or first they should take work experience for 1-2 years and then go for further studies. If post graduation then what studies one should go for, to utilize their base built up in last three years in graduation studies. If they feel post graduation is what they don’t want to go for and join directly into job then what suitable sector one should join?

On professional studies side, student can go for CA, CS, MBA, FRM, CFA, CFP, MCOM etc. One needs to think over by getting into details of each course and foresee what career opportunity available with them after doing those courses and whether one is comfortable with the same or not.

In addition to visualize one needs to understand need of professional education to fetch better returns for their career. For eg. For doing CA or CS, one need not have before hand experience as it is part of curriculum by way of internship of the course.

Talking about doing MBA, MBA before 1990’s was considered as professional studies to be done to improvise your business. Post 1990’s with MNC creating jobs in India people moved towards jobs culture and so the MBA aspirants, people used to take 2-5 years of work experience and then join MBA program to do their work better. Now a day’s people are making big mistake by taking MBA program as platform to get the job. It is recommended to have experience beforehand to understand work life as well as yourself in terms of your efficiency and inefficiency. Students joining MBA immediately after graduation, always complaint after 2 years of MBA that average package was Rs. 5 lacs and they ended up at Rs. 3-3.5 lacs.

To understand more on what BBI student can think over their career, we have advised on following different situations,

Situations No.

Situation brief


Situation 1

Student keen to join family business

He/she should join his family business for 12 to 18 months and join for MBA related to his family business or Marketing and/or finance as per business requirement.

Situation 2

Student keen on joining JOB directly, No plan for doing further studies.

Students are advised to look at again possibility of further studies but if decision is firm to do job then he/she is advised to join bank or Insurance filed so that students don’t limit their growth. Even at later stage they can plan for part time MBA to polish them as well.

Situation 3

Students plan to join further studies

Students are advised to envision at their future after doing their post graduation degree, to think over whether they achieve their professional goals or not. For eg. A BBI student always keen to become Financial Analyst, then student should think about GARP offered FRM or CFA. If one thinks about corporate finance then he/she should think about CA or MBA in finance.

Situation 4

Students plan to join post graduation after 12-24 months of work experience.

Students are advised to focus on their area of interest while selecting their work experience. This is right time to work on your area of interest and to evaluate whether your interest can be converted into your career or not. For eg. Student keen on getting into industry for marketing of financial product, he/she is advised to go for similar lines after graduation so that he/she can make best use of his/her 4 years i.e. 2 year of experience in evaluating interest and 2 years of efficiencies polishing & developing new capabilities in same area in two years post graduation.

Situations may vary from student to student depending on his/her personal, social and professional needs. But at this stage after completion of graduation at the age of 20-21 one should give itself chance to evaluate his area of interest in order to have suitable GOAL in future.

This is general question (what after BBI?) with students as it’s right age for students to look at bigger picture, but what they should keep in mind is that they should always think about their long term plan i.e. GOAL. It is fair to say that at this stage it is difficult for student to decide on life time GOAL at this age, but one should always remember one need to have its goal, if not today then tomorrow. It is advisable to have goal and it is more advisable to have FOCUS on YOUR GOAL.

To put it into nutshell, Best career planning is which one make himself/herself happy in personal, social and professional life altogether.

Disclaimer: Writer of this article Mr. Nikesh Sheth is CA, MBA, Mcom , professor at various institutes for BBI subjects and ex-banker; advises are given on general situations which may or may not be the exact case for students.

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Mr. Nikesh Sheth is CA, MBA, Mcom , professor at various institutes for BBI subjects and ex-banker

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