Child Artists: Unnoticed Victims Of Child Labour


People get exhausted by their 8-6 jobs, to keep themselves entertained they either rely on daily soaps or go for a movie. We hardly care about the content or the people that are associated with cinema and tv shows. We think it’s just plain entertainment, but ignore what’s getting lost in our obsession.

India has the largest number of child laborers in the world. People sending their children for labour is said to be a crime, but that’s not the scene when it comes to movies and shows casting a young boy or girl. Most kids get matured till the age of 20, some achieve it in their teenage but those are very few. Psychological maturity is achieved at a certain age and till that time a kid has to learn a lot of things that are essential for his growth. We see so many shows and movies that highlight that child labor is illicit. Daily the social activists talk about the rights of the children, but still the entertainment industry does not take it seriously as child artists create plenty of demand in the public.

















If you are letting a kid become a screen artist at a tender age their build out is ceased. They should have the right to choose for themselves. If someone tells us to cast our kid even we get the excited that our kid has a great opportunity in hand but we ignore the age factor as they are still young and have many things to learn. If we let our sons and daughters work as an artist from a younger age they might miss out some important lessons of life.

important lessons








Even some kids are given roles of the opposite gender. This can affect their thinking and might even have a bad effect on their personality. Even Babies are used for shooting the roles of young ones and newborns. It can even happen that they start disregarding the importance of education and other prime sections .We need to make a stand for it as the kids are the future.











child artist










Some parents in hunger of fame or to make their kids accomplish what they could not forget the feelings of their kids and let them work as artists. This is a way in which the children are forced by their parents indirectly to fulfill their own wishes. They are passing on their burden to their kids. Children should have the right to choose their own career and follow in the way of what he/she wants to become.


“If we keep ignoring this matter,

in future they might start ignoring what really matters.”



– Mehul Solanki






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