Cricket World Cup 2015 : India vs Pakistan


Each and Every citizen of India and Pakistan might be aware that India Beat Pakistan. Wohoooo!!!!!!! India beat Pakistan again for the sixth time in Cricket world cup opening, India!!! India!!!And it looked like even the nature was on our side.

Guys might forget to check up on their girlfriend but never ever can they forget top check the ongoing score of an India-Pakistan match. Cricket is in the heart of almost every Indian. Public is unaware about the new law passed in their country but it surely does know who played badly in the last India-Pak match.

People from India are driven by the slogan “#Won’t give it back”, but there was another thing more viral, which was,

“Dear Indian Cricket team,

We don’t really care if you give it back, Just beat Pakistan in the first match…LOL “

As we see the world cup livens up both the countries and there is serious excitement over who will win. The news channels are flooded with past players and specialists showing the probability of the team that’s in advantage. People from both nations pray to their gods and some even keep votive offering just for their teams to win. Stadium seats are booked in no time when an India- Pak match takes place. These matches are often viewed together in societies and various places through projectors.

Players are worshipped like gods, there are people who keep their hairstyles according to their favorite cricket players. A player is a national hero in no time if he saves a match against Pakistan, and that’s the similar case against India. Even movie stars attend the matches to show their support.

There are people who get late, just because they are busy hearing the score near a radio or watching it in an appliance store. The whole nation cries if a match is lost but there is joy in the other one. They share a relationship which is inverse, but it is a relation that we share.

All are happy over winning a match, and the words they say are …

“India!!!!  India!!!!”

Which proves that some people even nowadays live for the nation, not just for themselves.

Even there are people in both the nations those who are not fond of cricket, but there is no one who might not like to see the last overs chase between India- Pak. If there is dispute in both the teams social media is flooded with posts and its national news that the players argued.

The loveliest part is when the rivals are face to face on the battle ground, and moment of joy is hitting a six to the opposition or taking the middle stump.

“Divided by boundaries, United By sports.”



-Mehul Solanki






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