FYBBI Sem 1 And Sem 2 Subjects

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Wanna know which subjects will be covered in First Year Banking and Insurance for Semesters 1 and 2?

Here we present FYBBI Sem 1 And Sem 2 Subjects:

First Year
Semester I Semester II
1.1Environment & Management of Financial Services 2.1 Principles & Practices of Banking & Insurance
1.2 Principles of Management 2.2 Financial Accounting
1.3 Effective Communication – I 2.3 Effective Communication – II
1.4 Economics – Paper I 2.4 Economics – Paper II
1.5 Quantative Methods – I 2.5 Quantitative Methods – II
1.6 Introduction of Computer Systems 2.6 Business Law






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    Thank u so much for great information. I am stusent of fybbi and i want to know about my subjects . Thank u so much

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    Farhana firoz memon

    Onjectives of financial accounting in first sem from bbi first year

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    nikhil palav

    Bc exam paper I sem plz send mi

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    I’m confuse

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    Sir old exame paper send please

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    Last year papers

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