International Business – TYBBI Syllabus

International Business – TYBBI Syllabus

Modules at a Glance

SR. NO. Module
 1  Introduction on International Business
 2  International Business In The 21st Century
 3  Foreign direct investment
 4  Legal aspects of international business
 5  Economic Integration
 6  International strategy
 7  International marketing
 8  Transnational corporations
 9  International human resource management
10  International financial markets
11  Export Finance And Risk Management
12  International Business Environment In India
13  Balance of payments

International Business – Syllabus Overview


  • What is international business?
  • Growing importance of international business.
  • Difference between domestic and international business.

International Business In The 21st Century

  • The global business environment- The role of History
  • Analyzing the environmental factors for international business.
  • Importance of the economic and political environment in the process of internationalization. International Business Environment & India.
  • The Impact of Technology.

Foreign direct investment

  • International trade and Foreign Direct Investment.
  • UNCTAD Word investment Report 2000-2001.
  • Growth of FDI post world war II, changes in patterns of world trade and production.
  • Protectionism, discuss and evaluate arguments for and against it.
  • Impact of FDI on distribution of wealth.

Legal aspects of international business.

  • Legal environment for international business.
  • Importance of intellectual property rights and patents.
  • Importance of the regulatory mechanisms in Europe, USA and other major countries concerning imports.
  • Importance of law relating to product packaging, labeling etc.
  • WTO- Legal implications and anti dumping.

Economic Integration

  • Theory comparative advantage and its importance to international business.
  • Role of organizations like the IMF, world bank, WTO etc.
  • Role of regional trade group and market agreements.

International strategy

  • Globalization of an existing business.
  • Business expansion strategies.
  • Studying the competitiveness for globalization
  • Studying the country and company competitiveness.
  • Market research and data collection.

International marketing:

  • International market’s selection for an existing business, dynamics of product and market selection.
  • Systematic selection of international markets-Industry and company sales potential estimation and marketing of an international business plan.
  • Segmentation of international market and consumer’s selection.
  • Analyzing international competition in each market and designing of the winning international marketing strategies.

Transnational corporations

  • Emergence of multinational & transnational corporations.
  • Role of transnational corporations.
  • Multi-location manufacturing.
  • The process of building of an MNC.

International human resource management

  • Business ethics and values-corruption. Enron Case Study.
  • Importance of relationship marketing for creating competitive advantage in the international business.
  • International HRM strategy.
  • Conflicts between corporate and national pressures.
  • International HRM strategy.
  • Conflicts between corporate and national pressures.
  • International managers-problems faced in recruiting and retaining such managers.
  • Impact of religion and culture.
  • Labour markets/skills and training.

International financial markets

  • Growth of Financial Market-London, New York, Tokyo.
  • Deregulation of market & emerging market- financial hubs.
  • Disintermediation of markets due to deregulation and technology.
  • Integration of markets eg. Euro, NAFTA, SAARC, ASEAN, etc.
  • Cross border Alliances.

Export Finance And Risk Management.

  • Export/ import finance in India.
  • Major variables in the financial environment for international business.
  • Currency risk and how to formulate safe international marketing str5ategies.
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management.
  • Types of contract in international business- terms of payment.
  • Letters of credit and their importance in the international business.
  • Financial risks in the international transaction and how to avoid them. Role of ECGC and EXIM Bank.
  • Import/ export documentation in India.
  • Business risk and the importance of proper documentation in international business.

International Business Environment In India  

  • Import related environment in India and other countries. Role of RBI, customs, DGFT etc.
  • Export related policies in India and other countries. export benefits in the Indian environment and the likely future scenario. Special economics Zones.
  • Impact of export benefits on production pricing.
  • Export pricing in India-A case study.

Balance of payments.

  • Trade and investment theories.
  • Importance of balance of payments.
  • Different exchange rate mechanisms-implications.
  • Implications of full convertibility.
  • IMF, world bank-Their role and implications for international business.


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