Interview with Shweta Rakesh Pandey, TYBBI Sem 5 Topper 2014-15, Lala Lajpatrai College

Percentage – 72.85%

1) About yourself:

I am Shweta from TYBBI. I like to give my best for the job given to me.

2) How does it feel to be the topper of the college?

I feel proud to be the topper of this Semester.

3) Whom do you credit your success to?

To my mom.

4) Did you study from the 1st day of the semester?

No, not at all. Preparations started before a month.

5) How did you prepare for Sem 5 exams?

I went through every question and answer which I felt was important.

6) Easy subjects in Sem 5?

Marketing and IBF, FRA as the paper was awesome.

7) Any special way of writing answers?

I don’t think I write in any special way. Yes, I just like to present my paper in a neat and way so that the moderator shouldn’t get any trouble.

8) Answers in bullet or paragraphs?

I present my answers in bullet form.

9) Tips to crack case study?

I mostly do not focus much on case studies. If required then accordingly, I present my views.

10) Drawing diagrams in exam answer sheets?

Yes diagrams help in scoring marks. It is not mandatory. If I feel this will help to score and know the diagram clearly then only I draw the diagrams.

11) Study strategy?

Starting studies before a month, aiming to give 100% to score well and studying for 4-5 hours a day.

12) Way to deal with distractions during studying?

I don’t distract my mind by any mood swings. I give my studies 1st preference.

13) Changes in Indian education system?

I would like to employ strict teachers who will not allow students to copy in exams.

14) Message to students from different mediums or average colleges?

It doesn’t matter if you are from English medium or from any big college, the only thing is you should be confident that you are the best and know more than others. Just present and prove yourself.

15) What have you learned through this journey?

Competition is touching sky. Here every person is competitor of other. I realized that it is not easy to study and compete others.

16) Your feedback for

I belong to BBI stream and I thank to the site that they are arranging such events to make the students feel proud.






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