List of 30 Project Topics on Insurance

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Group Insurance
  3. Miscellaneous Insurance
  4. HRM In Insurance
  6. Rural Insurance
  8. Risk And Insurance Management
  10. Liability Insurance
  11. Private Sector Banks And Its Profitability (ICICI Bank )
  12. “Role Of LIC In Indian Insurance Industry
  13. Non Traditional Business
  14. Marine Insurance
  15. Marketing In Insurance
  16. Role Of Actuaries In Insurance
  18. Role Of Insurance Agents- Marketing People In Insurance
  19. Children Policy In Insurance And Its Future Prospects
  20. Third Party Motor Claims
  21. Life Insurance Agents
  22. Crop Insurance
  23. Recruitment In Insurance Sector In India
  24. “Financial Planning In Insurance
  25. Accident Insurance
  26. ‘Comparative Studies Of Life Insurance Companies
  27. Insurance Awareness In India
  28. M&A Insurance
  29. Reinsurance
  30. Credit Insurance






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  1. anonymous Avatar

    nice work…
    and thanks for uploading topics

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    thxxxx a lot superb topics gr8 help

    1. Mohamed Faizal Avatar
      Mohamed Faizal

      Hai i m doing mba insurance management. Now i m doing summer project i selected rural insurance. So i want more information plz help me. . .

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    nice topics

  4. swapnil Avatar

    heyy i want some information on financial planning in insurance..plzz help me..

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      plz help me…

  5. ashu Avatar

    hey.. i want some information about Rural Insurance plzzzz rply me

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    Hey! thnx guys for providing the topic ….

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    Please help me. I need project topics and the materials on actuarial science and insurance department

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    i need project topics in finance for the life insurance company for mba

  10. Rohini Avatar

    I want project topic in marketing about insurance

  11. Ipaki Avatar

    I want project material on insurance

  12. Anil Avatar

    24. finance planinig in insuarce

  13. anu Avatar

    is the project available on topic no 18-Role Of Insurance Agents- Marketing People In Insurance. cant find any matter in relation to this topic…
    please notify me if there is some asap

  14. Adetunji Avatar

    please, can i get something on “the evolution and scope of household insunace and its impact on the nigerian society” most esp presentation and analysis of data(chapter 4)

  15. Arushi Avatar

    I want something on public and private health insurance in india.

  16. Adebowale Temitayo Avatar
    Adebowale Temitayo

    Pls am in need materials on this topic: Roles of intermediaries in the marketing of insurance products.

  17. anita Avatar

    please, can i get something on ‘lic in share market’

    1. admin Avatar

      Anita, check > project reports and forums section. You should easily get what you are looking for.

  18. Rajesh Avatar

    hey i want the project on crm in non life insurance companies .give e some ideas about this topic

    1. iqra razzaq Avatar
      iqra razzaq

      if u’ll get somthng new related to crm insu thn plz share it with me

  19. namrata kadam Avatar
    namrata kadam

    i want the project on personal finanacial planing and insurance

  20. pooja nare Avatar

    I want the project on accident insurance in india

  21. pooja nare Avatar

    Plz help me I want the project on accident insurance in india

  22. zain Avatar

    cn u pls give me some more information on 16) role of Actuaries in insurance..
    as i have gathered the information that is nt sufficient

  23. tushar Avatar

    I urgently want project of Role Of Actuaries In Insurance

  24. iqra razzaq Avatar
    iqra razzaq

    i want some help related to the topic ” problems facing by financial sector”

  25. charles laryea Avatar
    charles laryea

    please help me with some project topics in actuarial science and their related materials. Thank you

  26. abinaya Avatar

    Hi ….am gng to do d project of health insurance can u gve more details of it …pls

    1. admin Avatar

      check .. they have a bbi section for this.

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    Thnx for uploading this topic. for me its vry hlp ful.

  28. aarti singh Avatar

    require all sem 5 important question of all the subjects

  29. aarti singh Avatar

    mbi important question

  30. Sherdrack Doughan Avatar
    Sherdrack Doughan

    Please can I have the details on the topic: Children Policy In Insurance And Its Future Prospects

  31. Manasi Avatar

    can u plz help for the project of travel insurane

  32. bolanle Avatar

    Pls I need project material on “effect of capitalization on insurers profitability

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    Plz help to make project on topic of ‘E-insurance’.

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    NISHITA Gupta

    thank u so much for all topics

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    thnx for the topics

  36. alisha Avatar

    i m in sybbi i want to.b very sucessful person in banking sector plz help me wht should I do

    1. admin Avatar

      Work very hard. Take as many exams as possible to get additional qualifications. Get a Masters in banking and join a bank at a managerial level and climb positions on merit of your performance. That should get you rolling in the right direction of success.

  37. rashmita Avatar

    jst want topic on bonding crime insurance

  38. rashmita Avatar

    bonding crime insurance topic project needed help

  39. sravani reddy Avatar
    sravani reddy

    hi my self sravani iam doing my project on rural insurance can anyone send me report on rural insurance if you have..please its emergency for me and my email id

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    i want a full project on wedding finance

  41. rinku Vishwakarma Avatar
    rinku Vishwakarma

    Hello Sir ,
    I m rinku Vishwakarma I m in a tybbi . l also have a suggestion about my course . what I do after my graduation ? I go for further study or job experience? I m so confused . and a I don’t know which course is beneficial after doing tybbi?
    Plzzzzzz sir reply

    1. resh Avatar

      u can pursue with ur MBA……growing and updating yourself with the current market is very much important otherwise u can go for exams…..If u go with higher studies u can be benefited with high salary too….

  42. Meet jesar Avatar
    Meet jesar

    Want to topic about tokio insurance company

  43. Akshay Avatar

    Hi Akshay here my topic is Micro insurance
    So pls help mi..

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    Hiloni shah

    I want a black book project on insurance planning can u help me

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    Onifade dare

    Hi, please help me out with
    the material for information and technology in insurance industry

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    Nilesh rane

    Nice web site
    Help to more information about micro insurance
    Please help me and send information my gmail

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    I want a ready project of accident insurance.

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    Nan project pannanum lic insurance la

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    Dhanashree salvi

    I want some information on group insurance …plz help

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    I have Motor insurance topic for black book project please help to this topic

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    Hi this is neha I am tybbi student and I want to make a project of black book on topic accident insurance minimum 70 pages I search on Google but I didn’t get if anyone have project so help me.

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    Pls upload a crop insurance project report in certain bank

  53. Nasreen Avatar

    Pls give me suggestions for doing a crop insurance project in certain bank

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  55. shilpa Avatar

    it’s good project and convenient.

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