Central Banking – TYBBI Syllabus

Central Banking – TYBBI Syllabus

Central Banking – Syllabus Overview

  1. Why Central Banks? An overview of the functions of Central banks: Objectives of central banks. RBI-Role functions and organizational structure.
  2. Instruments of central banking policy- bank rate, cash reserve ratio(CRR), Open market operations , selective credit control etc. Their working & efficacy in the Indian context
  3. RBI and rural credit, industrial finance. RBI and non- banking financial companies. Regulation and supervision.
  4. Financial sector reform and the role of the RBI.
  5. Credit creation and money supply determination process, reserve money and money supply; the sources and uses of money supply.
  6. The conduct of central banking in open and market-oriented economies. Uncertainties and risks in integrated financial systems; the new orientations in traditional functions; the changing face of monetary policy management in open and market oriented economics; transmission mechanism of monetary policy.
  7. Issues of financial stability and autonomy and independence of Central banks.


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