FYBBI Sem 1 Syllabus: Environment and Management of Financial Services

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Financial Services is all about those organization which manage money. E.g. banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, stock brokerages, investment banks and so on. Any service or product of a financial nature is a financial service. Financial service companies serve retail and commercial consumers. Examples of popular companies in financial services sector are: Berkshire Hathaway, American Express, E-Trade Financial Corporation, etc.

Here we present FYBBI Sem 1 Syllabus: Environment and Management of Financial Services:

Financial System

  1. Institutional set- up
  2. Marketing Structure
  3. Instruments
  4. Overview of different kinds of financial services. (e.g Leasing, Hire purchase, factoring, forfaiting, Bill financing/Bill discounting, housing finance, letter of credit, insurance, venture    capital, merchant banking, stock broking and credit rating.)
  5.  Meaning, Definition and scope of Banking and Insurance.

  Phases of Development of Banking and Insurance

  1.  Significance and Role of Banking and Insurance in mobilizing savings, investment, accumulation and economic growth.
  2.  Functions and working of banking and insurance companies

  Management, Regulation and Development

  1.    Risk management within the organizations of Banks and Insurance companies
  2.   Asset – Liability Management in Banking and Insurance
  3.    Organisational structure and management

  Regulatory & Developmental Framework of Banking & Insurance.

  1.    Banking companies and RBI Acts and legal framework governing the insurance.
  2.           Developmental Activities of RBI and IRDA
  3.          Mechanism of supervision and regulation.
  4.      Prudential Norms.






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