Human Resource Management – TYBBI Syllabus

Human Resource Management – TYBBI Syllabus

Modules at a Glance

SR. NO. Module
 1  Human resource management
 2  Personnel policies
 3  Participative management
 4  Human resource management in banks & financial institutions
 5  Human resource management in insurance sector
 6  Corruption, frauds, seams in financial institutions
 7  Case studies

Human Resource Management – Syllabus Overview

  1. Human resource management– Nature, scope & objectives- Organization of human Resource Department- Functions Of Human Resource Management- Human Resource Manager-Role and Functions of Human resource manager in Banking & insurance sectors-human resource loaning-human resource development.
  2. Personnel policies-personnel policies in banking & insurance sectors-job analysis & design- recruitment & selection & placement- Training & development-performance appraisal & job evaluation- remuneration & incentives promotions & transfers- motivation- comparative study of service conditions in financial institutions, insurance cos., industries & government/ semi- Government sectors.
  3. Participative management-employee communication– employee welfare-employee safety & health- industrial relations- ethics & human resource management- human resource audit.
  4. Human resource management in banks & financial institutions-personal policies in scheduled banks, commercial banks-co-operative banks & other financial institutions like UTI,ICICI, HDFC etc.-customer relationship management in banking & financial institutions.
  5. Human resource management in insurance sector-personnel policies in LIC, G.I Corporation & other insurance-Cos-customer relationship management in insurance sector.
  6. Corruption, frauds, seams in financial institutions– their effect on investors, shareholders & the society-The role of vigilance department in controlling corruption and frauds-Disciplinary actions
  7. Case studies.


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