TYBBI Sem 6 Important Question Bank 2016 – 1 day before the exam!

Exams are approaching in a few days and you’ve been for several years, nay decades now! This possibly will be the last exam you take in your life for many of you.

We will be updating important questions bank just one day (possibly night) before the exam. However, do NOT  think that we are leaking papers, or have inside information. WE DO NOT. We just analyse past papers and come up with the question bank based on our understanding of probability and past experience of publishing important questions bank over the past decade.

We’re going to put up the Important Questions One day before the exam here. All you have to do is unlock the content with a like, share or tweet. For people who face difficulties with doing this simple task, please figure it out with one of your friends. Our focus is to serve the TYBMS students fraternity at large, the thousands of students taking the exams.

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Strategic Management – Important Questions Bank one day before the exam

Strategic Management – Definition, Process, Benefits, Levels, Features

Internal and external factors of environment.

Strategic Formulation , merits demerits, Role of Strategist

Frameworks – BCG, GE Mckinsey Matrix, Porters

SWOT, PLC, Cost Benefit Analysis, Downsizing, Innovation and creativity, Leadership

Bench Marking and process


GAP Analysis

Triple bottom line.

Central Banking – Important Questions Bank One Day before the exam

Have you read this? If not, go through it briefly.

The Kickass Study Guide For Central Banking!


Autonomy of the RBI, Organisational structure of the RBI, Functions, Reforms and Role of RBI

Capital Adequacy Ratio

Basel 2

Financial Stability and Instability

Risks in Banking Sector

International Business -Important Questions Bank One Day before the exam

Sums to be practiced

Calculation of FOB and CIF
Nafta, economic integration
Relationship marketing
Conflict in corporate and national pressures
Niche marketing, concentrated , differentiated and undifferentiated

Advantages and disadvantage of fdi for host and home countries


HRM in Banking and Insurance -Important Questions Bank One Day before the exam

Define HRM, Scope of HRM, Functions of HRM

HR Manager Skills

Difference between PM and HR manager

Challenges faced by HR

HRP , Objectives, Steps and challenges

Transfer and Objectives, Types of Transfer, Conditions of good transfer policy

Promotion, Objectives, Basis,

Recruitment and sources

Selection and steps

Forms of Aptitude tests

Interview and types

Orientation and steps

Training, methods and advantages.

Performance Appraisal – Importance and Methods

Induction and steps

Incentive plans

Fringe benefits  – objectives and types

Factors affecting salary and wage and essentials of wage

Career Planning – Steps

Career Lifecycle

Forms of separation

Personal policies, principles, manual

Job Analysis – process, methods

Job Design

Participation – benefits, technique, methods of participative management

Turnaround Management – Important Questions Bank 

Turnaround – features, steps

Business objectives

Explain Growth strategies – Need.

Industrial sickness – stages, symptoms, internal external reasons, remedies

Globalisation – negatives, benefits, features

Liberalisation – benefits, impact

Problems of SSI

Role of BIFR

TQM – Objectives, principles

BPR – Elements, implementation, Role of IT, External consultants role,

5s Principle


Franchising, benefits



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