Business Law – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Business Law – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

Sr. No. Modules No. of Lectures
1 Introduction to Law   08
2 Indian Constitution 10
3 Contract Act 12
4 Special Contract 12
5 Negotiable Instrument Act   10
6 Information Technology Act 08
Total 60

Business Law – Syllabus Overview

Sr. No. Modules / Units
1 Introduction to Law  
Meaning, Definitions, Features, Types, Sources and Classification
2 Indian Constitution
Natural Justice, Special Leave Appeal, Features, Writs, Fundamental Rights
3 Contract Act
Meaning, Essentials, Agreement, Offer, Acceptance, Consent,  Free Consent, Consideration, Capacity of contract, Kinds and  Classification of  Contract, Performance, Discharge and Termination of Contract, Void – Quasi- Contingent -Wager – Minor Contracts, Breach and  Remedies For the Contract.
4 Special Contract
  • Indemnity & Guarantee – Meaning, Features, distinguish,   position, Surety, discharge of surety
  • Bailment : Meaning, Types, Features, Position, Lien, Finder of Goods Pledge
  • Agency: Meaning, Features, types, Position, Ratification, Modes of Creation and Termination, Liabilities.
  • Sale of Goods Act: Introduction, Meaning, Features, Terms, Goods Classification, Sale and Agreement to sell, Unpaid Seller and position Conditions and Warranty
5 Negotiable Instrument Act  
Features, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Cheque,  Features, Distinguish, Acceptance, Crossing, Dishonor, Position Of Banker, Holder and Holder In Due Course, Privilages, Payment In and Out of Due Course, Types of Instruments, Penalties For Dishonour, Endorsement
6 Information Technology Act
Objectives, Scheme, Digital Signature, Authorization, E- Governance, Certifying Authorities, Digital Certificates, Cyber

Reference books for subject: Business Law

Business Law
  • The Constitution of India
  • Respective Acts
  • Indian Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Partnership Act.
  • Business Law – Kucchat M. C.
  • Business Law – Kapoor N. D.
  • Business Law – Chaudha P. R.



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