International Banking and Finance ( IBF ) QUESTION BANK for TYBBI SEM 5 – 2013

Chapter 1

Long Questions

  1. Discuss the fixed exchange rate system. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed exchange rate system?

  2. Discuss in detail balance of payment theory. What are the components of Current and Capital accounts in BOP?

Short Questions

  1. What are the components of current account and capital account in BOP?

Short Notes

  1. Triffin’s Paradox

  2. European Union

  3. OPEC

  4. OECD

  5. Bretton Woods system.

Chapter 2

Short Notes

  1. International Debt Crisis

  2. Basel II

  3. Global Competition in International banking.

  4. Basel I


Chapter 3

Long Questions

  1. Explain the various fund based and non fund based facilities provided by Indian Banking system.

Short Questions

  1. Explain structure of International Banking Department.

  2. Explain pre-shipment and post-shipment credit.

  3. Explain the Guarantee facility extended by banks to its customers.

  4. Explain the functions of International banking.

  5. What are the methods of pre-shipment finance?

Short Notes

  1. EBR

  2. Finance facilities for Imports.

Chapter 4

Long Questions

  1. Explain in detail what is meant by Documentary Credit (L/C) and steps involved in establishing it. Write any two types of L/Cs in detail.

Short Questions:

  1. What is RTGS? What are the advantages of RTGS?

  2. Write a short note on various instruments for International Payments?

Short Notes

  1. CHIPS

  2. SWIFT


  4. CHAPS.

Chapter 5

Long Questions

  1. What is Euro Currency Market? Explain in detail factors responsible for its growth and features of this market.

Short Questions

  1. What do you understand by GDR and discuss the mechanics of GDR issue?

  2. What are the reasons for the growth of Euromoney Market?

  3. What are the features of the Euro Currency Market?

Short Notes

  1. Swaps

  2. FCCB

  3. LIBOR

  4. FDI and FPI. Compare.

Chapter 9

Short Notes

  1. Indian GAAP v/s UD GAAP.

  2. IFRS V/s Indian GAAP.

  3. GAAP.

Chapter 10

Long Questions

  1. What is meant by Exchange Rate? Enumerate different types of rates available in Forex market to transact the business.

Short Notes:

  1. Bid Ask Spread

  2. Geographical Arbitrage

  3. Triangular Arbitrage

Chapter 9

Short Questions

  1. Discuss factors determining forex rate movements

  2. Explain purchasing Power Parity Theory with examples.

Short Note

  1. Interest Rate Parity.

Chapter 10

Long Questions:

  1. Explain important highlights of bank’s balance sheet. Discuss importance of Capital Adequacy Ratio in this context.

  2. What is offshore banking? Explain its advantages, disadvantages and Functions.

Short Questions:

  1. What is offshore Banking? What are activities of Offshore Banking?

  2. Explain offshore banking with reference to Indian context.

  3. Explain the importance of Asset Liability Management in Banks. OR explain the importance on ALM in international banks.

Short notes

  1. Tier I Capital.

  2. Tier II Capital.

  3. Non Performing Assets.

  4. Asset Liability Management.

Chapter 11

Short Questions

  1. Which are the various parties involved in Loan Syndication? Explain their role.

  2. What is loan syndication? What are the steps involved in loan and banks.

  3. Discuss Basel II and its provisions.

Short Notes

  1. Procedure and Types of Loan Syndication

  2. RBI’s View on Basel II

  3. Profitability of International Lending.

Chapter 12

Long Questions

  1. What are the categories of Country Risk for analysis purpose? Explain each of them.

Short Questions

  1. Highlight Concerning factors related to International Financial Stability. How can it be improved?

Short Notes

  1. Role of International Credit Rating Agencies

  2. Country Risk.

Chapter 14

Short Questions

  1. IMF role may need some modification in IFA You Agree? Discuss.

Short Notes

  1. FSF

  2. CGFS






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