International Banking and Finance – TYBBI Syllabus

International Banking and Finance – TYBBI Syllabus

International Banking and Finance – Syllabus Overview

  1. Evolution of international banking
  2. International banking : A Functional Overview –Banking for financing of exports and imports of goods and goods and services. international payments system.
  3. International capital markets-financial market flows beyond national boundaries, Debt and non-debt flows ; volatile and stable flows; interest rate differentials and their role in demand for and supply of funds across borders.
  4. Offshore banking centers and their role international financing ,Global Balance sheet of banks. asset and liability managements of foreign banks
  5. International lending, policies and practices, transaction cost and risk in international lending. Profitability of international banking. loans to foreign corporation, syndicated loans ; financing foreign government s. Issues of information symmetries and adverse selection. Regulatory and supervisory aspects .Trends  in international banking in India
  6. Foreign exchange risks; the exchange rate swings and their effects on bank’s net worth.
  7. Perception international rating agencies. Country risk. International financial stability and the central role of banks in financial stability.
  8. Issues relating to international financial architecture.


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