Interview with Ashvini Ashok Gawkar, TYBBI Sem 5 Topper 2014-15, MCC College

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Name – Ms. Ashvini Ashok Gawkar

College Name – Mulund College of Commerce (MCC)

Course Name – BBI

Rank in TY Sem V: First

GPA / Percentage: 6.86 / 77.29%


1) Tell us about yourself?
 My name is Ashvini Gawkar. I have already decided to do my carrier in Banking and Insurance so after 12th standard; I opted for banking & insurance course.


2) How does it feel to be a Topper of the college in TY Sem V exams?
 It was unexpected for me. I only tried my best. It gives me an immense pleasure to be a first rank holder.
3) Whom will you credit your success to? 

I will first give all the credit to my parents and my sister who have always supported me. Secondly to all my teachers who guide and encourage me from time to time which motivate me to achieve my goal.

4) Did you start preparing from the first day of your TY Sem V? 

Yes, I have done my studies on a daily basis which help me a lot to reduce the burden during examination period.

5) How did you study for Sem V? 

I have started studying difficult subject first, revised regularly and prepare my own notes which help me a lot to remember the main points.

6) Which are the easy subjects in Sem V?

I found that Financial Reporting Analysis and Auditing are easy subjects in semester v.

7) Any special way of writing the answers? Do you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

I always write the answers in bullet points and make use of charts and diagrams wherever necessary.


8) How do you crack case studies in theory and practical subjects?
Case studies can be solved when you are clear about the concepts. I tried to understand the concept, remember the main points and formulas in practical subjects.


9) Did you draw any diagram in any paper? Is it mandatory? Does it help to get more marks?

It is not mandatory to draw a diagram but it is very much essential as it adds value to your answer and helps you to score more marks.

10) Any specific study pattern adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours per subject per day etc.?

I cannot study one subject continuously. I kept a target to complete particular numbers of questions on each day. There are no specific hours allotted to each subject.
11) How do you fight against mood swings and distractions during exam preparation?

Whenever I feel board I kept the studies aside for some time and tried to relax myself by listening music or watching towards greenery as it gives the feeling of calmness and refresh the mind.
12) If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in Indian education system?

Instead of giving theoretical knowledge I will try to make all subjects more practical by including various case studies so that, students will be able to pursue more knowledge about how it is practically apply in real life.

13) Many students prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear that they are not from big college / not from English medium and eventually lose confidence. What message would you like to these students?

There is nothing like big or small. If you have put your 100% efforts and have a confidence on yourself then the success will be yours.
 14) Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition?

I have learned that take the every challenge in life as an opportunity and make use of the same towards achieving your goal. Don’t be overconfident but always trust on yourself. Keep a goal, this will help you to direct your efforts towards achieving the same.
15) Your feedback for site –

The site is very informative and it helps the students with latest updates regarding the course.






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