Interview with Prof. Aurora Vaz , BBI Head, Mithibai College


 Name – Aurora Vaz

College – Mithibai College


  • Tell us something about yourself
     I am an Assistant lecturer in Mithibai College and have worked with corporate as well as other educational institutes.
  • Tell us something about your college
    =>  Mithibai College has always tapped the students’ potential – both hidden and obvious – and offered a platform for their talents.
  • When did you join this profession? What inspired you to choose this line?
    =>  I joined educational field in the year 2010.
    As a student, I got guidance from the best faculty and this motivated me to follow their footsteps.
  • What should BBI education mean to a student?
    =>  It is a specialized course in B.Com for students who want to pursue their career in banking or insurance field. So a HSC passed student who applies for B.Com course in Mumbai University and is inclined towards working with banks or insurance companies in India should opt for BBI course from a reputed college.Moreover, this course offers practical application to most of the subjects as per the teaching methodology.
  • Tell us something about your college fests/events and extra-curricular activities? 
    =>  Colosseum – The fest is a field of talent may be Music, Art, Dance or just a platform to express oneself.
  • Do you believe that it should be made compulsory for students to manage both studies and be a part of college fests/events?
    =>  Yes.
  • Tell us something about your college students’ performances? 
    =>  The students of Mithibai College (BBI) are enthusiastic about everything they do. They are all involved with presentations, role plays, internship/ancillary courses, college fest and not forgetting the academics.
  • Does your college provide any placement assistance to BBI students?
    =>  We have a placement committee to help the BBI students which definitely will benefit our students.
  • What message would you like to give to BBI students?
    Banks and Insurance Companies, being the lifeline of the economy, have always shown the growth potential in service sector. Although recession has hit the developed nations, but in India things have not been the same. And this can be a huge opportunity for BBI students.
  • Your suggestions/feedback for
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10 responses to “Interview with Prof. Aurora Vaz , BBI Head, Mithibai College”

  1. Parees Avatar

    hello respected sir i m finding dificulty for refernce books for IBF. can u suggest me sum gud boks for it..?

  2. kiran Avatar

    Hello respected sir i am in SYBBI which book i should refer to increase my knowledge & also im confused is BBI having good scope in future?

  3. Neeta Avatar

    Respected Teacher,
    I am tybbi student , i want advice frm u for d refrnce buks for exam.
    which refrnce buks i would prefer for strategic mgnt an also for business ethics?

  4. Rajkumar Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    For unavoidable reasons I want to do this course externally how to do. I am in SY BBI. Can I do external after Sem 3 exams?

  5. Rajkumar Avatar

    I have taken admission in mumbai how to do external from sem 4 and onwards or can i do sem 5 and 6 externally or it is not possible external.

  6. sunil shah Avatar
    sunil shah

    I have addmissin ion mumba0i

  7. pradeip Avatar

    My younger sister bought 67.50% in hsc.

    can I know the cutoff at ur college. Will the admission is possible…

    1. BBI team Avatar
      BBI team

      cutoffs are mostly above 80%

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