Principles of Management – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Principles of Management – Revised FYBBI Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

Sr. No. Modules No. of Lectures
1 Introduction to Management 15
2 Management Process 15
3 Organization Structure of Banking and Insurance companies 15
4 Business Leaders 15
Total 60

Principles of Management – Syllabus Overview

Sr. No. Modules / Units
1 Introduction to Management
  • Definition of Management
  • Management as a Profession
  • Traditional Vs Contemporary Management (Henry Fayol, F.W. Taylor, Peter Drucker) (C.K.Pralhad, Mr. Vijay Govindarajan)
2 Management Process
  • Management Process, Practices, Functions of Management related to Banking and Insurance companies
3 Organization Structure of Banking and Insurance companies
4 Business Leaders
  • Leaders in the Indian Industry ( J.R.D Tata, Ratan Tata, Aditya Birla, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Mr Dhirubhai Ambani and Sons, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Verghese Kurien)
  • Leaders in the Banking and Insurance Industry        
  • Indian Leaders

(Banking & Insurance: H.Shanbagh. Uday Kotak, K.V. Kamath Naina Kidwai, Deepak Parekh, Chanda Kochhar, Hinduja, Godrej,Aziz Premzi, Narayan Murthy, Anand Mahindra , Governor of RBI)

  • International Leader

President of World bank, President of Asian Development Bank, President of Fed Reserve, President of International Monetary Fund

Reference books for subject: Principles of Management

Principles of Management
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  • Practices and Principles of Management L.M. Prasad, S.Chand and Sons Education Publishers, New Delhi.
  • Business Maharajas, Gita PiramaI, Penguin Books, New Delhi.
  • Wisdom of Indian Business Leadership, G. Narayana, English Edition Publishers and Distributors India Pvt, Ltd.
  • In Search of Change Maestros Pritam Singh and Asha Bhandarkar, Sage Publications, UK



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