Turnaround Management – TYBBI Syllabus

Turnaround Management – TYBBI Syllabus

Modules at a Glance

SR. NO. Module
 1  Introduction on Turnaround Management
 2  Organization and management concepts
 3  The nature, significance, of business process reengineering
 4  Implementation of BPR
 5  Problems, issues, scope and trends in BPR
 6  Appraisal of BPR
 7  Managing change in India context.

Turnaround Management – Syllabus Overview

1. Introduction:

  • Define turnaround
  • Reasons that lead to turnaround
  • Effects of competition
  • Industrial sickness
  • Turnaround package

2. Organization and management concepts

  • Today’s business organization
  • Survival & growth strategies
  • Business world in transition
  • 21st century organization
  • Business strategies for 21st century.

3. The nature, significance, of business process reengineering.

  • Introduction to business process
  • Core business process
  • Need for process redesign
  • Underlying premises of BPR
  • Redesign of business processes to be redesigned
  • Context and considerations for process redesign
  • The central thrust of BPR
  • A critical appraisal of BPR

4. Implementation of BPR

  • Requirements for BPR implementation
  • Principles of reengineering
  • Use of consultants in BPR
  • Reengineering team
  • Activity mapping for BPR
  • Bench marketing for BPR

5. Problems, issues, scope and trends in BPR

  • Problems & issues in implementing BPR
  • From business process redesign to business system redesign
  • Development trends in BPR

6. Appraisal of BPR

  • Ensuring the result of BPR
  • Outcome and achievement of reengineering
  • Performance measures of successful BPR
  • Points of caution in BPR
  • Redesigning the ORGANISATION

7. Managing change in India context.

  • Implications of turnaround
  • Effect of liberalization
  • BPR in India context
  • Examples of BPR companies in India(case study)


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