TYBBI Sem 5 and Sem 6 Subjects

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Wanna know which subjects will be covered in Third Year Banking and Insurance for Semesters 5 and 6?

Here we present TYBBI Sem 5 and Sem 6 subjects:

Semester V Semester VI
5.1 Marketing in Banking & Insurance 6.1 Strategic Management
5.2 Financial Service Management 6.2 Central Banking
5.3 International Banking & Finance 6.3 International Business
5.4 Financial Reporting & Analysis 6.4 Human Resource Management
5.5 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 6.5 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
5.6 Auditing 6.6 Turnaround Management
5.7 Project on Banking 6.7 Project on Banking






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    sanjay jadhav

    nice …true information can be provide

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    Shivangi Singh

    I recently came to know about this site.This is so good as I am in final year BBI student i guess this will be really useful to me. Good job

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    Deepak giri

    I want all details related to
    tybbi As I am pursuing tybbi

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    Nitesh ingle

    Hii anyone know when d 6 sem banking & insurance result is declared ?? plzz tell me

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    Sandesh nikam

    I want all details

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    Akshata patil

    Thank you

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    Can anyone just tell me in tybbi how many Accounting subjects are there practice subjects I mean.?

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