Effective Communication Practice Question Paper 1

Effective Communication










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Effective Communication includes framing the message according to the capability of the receiver, using concrete than abstract words wherever possible, making content meaningful to the receiver, maintaining eye contact, speaking at a moderate rate, creating rapport with the receiver, encouraging listening and feedback and avoiding communication in extreme emotional states.

Here we present Effective Communication Practice Question Paper 1:

Q.1) List and explain the features of effective communication – 15 marks


What are the filters of communication and how can they be overcome? – 15 marks

Q.2) List and explain any four objectives of communication. – 15 marks


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of modern technology in an organization? – 15 marks

Q.3) Discuss in detail the concept of an interview, and list and explain different types of interviews? – 15 marks


What causes poor listening and how can this problem be overcome? – 15 marks

Q.4) List and explain various methods of non-verbal communication – 15 marks


Define and discuss Group discussion – 15 marks





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